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Your partner for professional and ecological water disinfection.

At Elchem Water Treatment, we provide reliable, high-performance water treatment technology for public/private swimming pools, hotels, spas and industry. Our scalable units allow us to provide ideal and cost-effective solutions for your application. Professional, efficient and ecological water disinfection is essential to ensure the health of swimming pool users while protecting the environment.

The alternative to conventional chlorination.

Contact us now and we will find the ideal solution for your specific needs.

No burning eyes, no irritation of the mucous membranes and no chlorine odor.

The use of electrolysis by Elchem Water Treatment guarantees you long-term high-quality water disinfection. Our standard stands for highest tolerability and reliable cleaning of your swimming pool.

Membranelektrolyse Anlage Typ 24

You can find all details about the different sizes and performance levels of our system on the page product.

We are also happy to advise you individually.

Fields of application

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Whether for public swimming pools, private pools and swimming ponds. Our membrane electrolysis systems are part of your new bathing experience. Always the right amount of active chlorine in the water, no chlorine smell and easy handling without dangerous chemicals.

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Sprinkling and automatic irrigation requires powerful and high standards. Exactly for this, EWT is at your side with technology and know-how.

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Water Fountains

Public fountains and parks require a high level of safety and reliability. We offer you exactly the right equipment with a sustainable added value for the environment and the operator.

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Hotel, Spa & Resorts

High-quality components and an innovative technical process not only guarantee you economical operation of your bathing and therapy landscape. Best tolerability without skin irritations and odors.

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Swimming ponds

Special water worlds place special demands on technology. Our product portfolio is perfectly suited for the most diverse and, above all, individual projects. Our membrane electrolysis systems meet these special requirements and offer gentle disinfection and a balanced pond climate. We are happy to provide you with our expertise and look forward to becoming part of your project.

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First-class water quality and an economical and reliable infrastructure. No matter what water quantity is required by your greenhouse, we design your water treatment system specifically, economically and for minimal maintenance.

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